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System Administrator

System Administrator   
Needs to work at the location (Branchburg, NJ) most of the time (on-site resource) 
Duration: 1-year contract
System Administrator specializing in:

- Red Hat (determine what version, 6.x & 7.x is most common in interviews)

- Linux (others like, Ubuntu, SuSE, etc.)

- OpenStack (what version and associated packages for storage, security, networking, etc.)

- Understands spine-leaf data center networking architecture

- Number of years of experience (average person 5+ years, advanced 10+ years, architect 15+ years)

- Can subnet on the fly (CIDR addressing, subnet, host addressing, broadcast domains, multicast, DHCP scopes, etc.)

- Comfortable using command line language (Shells - BASH, KSH, other, as well as shell scripting and other scripting languages - Perl, PHP, Python, etc.)

- Can participate is design discussions for new applications in lab environment

o   Hardware

o   Operating System

o   Virtualization (OpenStack, VMware, etc.)

o   Networking

o   Clustering (as appropriate)

o   System builds

o   Application architectures (two tier, three tier, etc.)

o   Application support (Tomcat, JBoss, Apache Web Server, Nginx, etc.)

o   Databases (building, as well as running)

o   Good verbal and written skills

o   Can troubleshoot LAN/WAN issues affecting the lab

o    Tools (Wireshark, tcpdump, nmap, etc.)

o    Troubleshooting techniques

o    Ability to create documentation or write white papers

o   Ask for examples of technical documentation, training materials, documents and/or presentations

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