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Network Engineer

Opportunity available for a network engineer to support our client's CyberArk initiave in San Diego, CA. This position will partner with their team and WWT in order the provide documentation and remediation around this effort.

Network Engineer

Location: San Diego, CA

Duration: 3 months

We currently have an immediate need for a network engineer that can remediate network devices for CyberArk access. The network engineer has to log into devices that have AAA capability and point them to CyberArk. If the device doesn’t support it, then they need to document it and also document if firewall rules are an issue.

  • Common problems and their potential fixes:

  • Incorrect username/password – potential fixes involve:

  • reconfigure the device to allow ‘local authentication’ rather than enforcing TACACS

  • modify the local password on the device

  • modify the credentials on CyberArk either through a manual change or reconciliation

  • CyberArk is unable to change password:

  • ensure device is allowing changes in the first place (an issue found with some of the older Brocades/Ciscos) by modifying the AAA profile settings accordingly

  • ensure device type is correct in CyberArk (hardware upgrades are not always properly communicated to the NOC)

  • adjust timeout settings in CyberArk to accommodate high-latency network segments

  • CyberArk is unable to reach device:

  • ensure device is actually in production (see last bullet point above)

  • ensure device is reachable from within CyberArk – some devices reside behind firewalls and belong to isolated networks not easily reachable from most of the 10. and 172. networks

  • ensure device is properly configured to allow secure shell connections via port 22 (some older gear is only reachable via telnet on port 23)

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